11211 Main Street, Vicksburg, MI, United States


Avoid having to pick up rentals. Avoid having to hook up trailers. Avoid having to DRIVE!!! Avoid having to pay for Monday because you can't return on Sunday. Avoid the hassle and rent from The Revolution!

No matter what your need for transportation, we have 14 seats and either a 5X8 or 6X12 trailer ready for your trip. For insurance purposes, our van comes with our "perfect record" driver who has driven countless trips in 15 passenger vans with trailers attached. Never one incident.

Our transportation is available with WEEKENDS in mind, but we can be available for longer trips.

Your rental not only helps your group get safely to their destination, but it helps The Revolution afford to keep using our van for feeding and transporting the homeless and needy. This is the van we use for bringing people to the homeless for feeding "Tailgates." This is also the van that picks up the unemployed for work with The Revolution. Renting from The Revolution actually helps fight poverty! Why not give us a try?


The 15 Passenger Van: (14 available seats)

$1 a mile.

$100 a day minimum. (discounts for longer trips with more than 3 "down days."

Delivery miles $0.50 a mile. We come from Kalamazoo MI most of the time.

Gas included. You do NOT pay for gas.

The 5X8 Trailer:

$0.25 a mile.

$15 a day minimum.

No delivery charges.

The 6X12 Trailer:

$0.50 a mile.

$20 a day minimum.

No delivery charges.

Driver (Brent Bittenbender) Perfect Driving Record with decades of experience driving 15 passenger vans with trailers attached.

Drives for free.

$25 for overnight stays.