Call in Customers. We love YOU too! 

Some people only need us SOME of the time. That's OK. We love you too. But unfortunately, we'll have to take care of our "Sign Up Customers" first. But fear not. Sleep is overrated. We'll get there fast!

What to Expect!

To keep prices down, we only use snow blowers and shovels. Snow plow insurance is RIDICULOUS. We're cheaper because insurance companies aren't getting rich off of us. PLUS... you get a more detailed finished service-product.  We are insured and our work guarantees no damage to your property, but it does not cost us as much. Therefor, YOU SAVE!

We bill at the end of the month. In an effort to be sure nobody gets "ripped off," we do not "gamble" with seasonal billing. If it snows, we work and you pay. If it does not snow, we don't work and you don't pay.

You CAN work into our deal a "Finish Time." Finish time is the time you leave every morning and need things clear. Obviously, if this time comes "mid-storm," we'll have to clear it once and then come back again at the end of the storm. But if it doesn't snow much more before that 2nd trip back, we'll discount the service just to say thanks.

We can answer more questions at our estimate visit. Call Brent today and set one up. Thanks so much! (269) 626-4577

More and more people are realizing...

You can save money by NOT clearing your own snow!

Between the cost of equipment, gas, proper clothing, and time invested... doing it "yourself" is EXPENSIVE!

Let us clear your snow this season!

Free estimates for Southern Kzoo Co.

Residential/Small Business customers only.

Snow Removal. How it works!

Sign up Customers. You come FIRST!

Let us know your removal preferences and we'll take care of you with no need to call, worry, or stress. We'll bill at the end of the month.

You'll be billed for each time we service, but if big storms require two or more trips in the same day, the second trip will be discounted by up to 50% depending on amount of snow.

Any storm with 1-2 inches or more (depending on temperature and likelihood of melting) will call us out. We can make notes of your preferences and adjust accordingly.

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