11211 Main Street, Vicksburg, MI, United States

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100% goes to food, equipment, and expenses.

The Bittenbenders have led countless mission adventures to the inner-cities of lower Michigan. They know the good spots, the neediest people, and the fine art of loving the least of these.

With this knowledge and their trailer full of equipment, The Revolution will put your group out on the streets in touch with the beautiful people of lower Michigan's inner-city people. You'll feed them, clothe them, hug them, pray with them, and LOVE them in Yeshua's name. (We're not weird, but we like to call Jesus by His Jewish name. Hey, it worked for his mom.)

We take care of all the hassle. You just let us know your budget and we'll build and lead an inner-city mission experience your group will never forget. No one is too young or too old. YOU can love the least of these AND you'll probably be MORE blessed than those you serve.

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100% goes to food, equipment, and expenses.



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