11211 Main Street, Vicksburg, MI, United States


Doing whatwe LOVE...
Battle against whatwe HATE!


Our MISSION at The Revolution is all about doing what we LOVE and what we're good at in an effort to glorify The Creator. (Shed light on His Greatness.)

We believe that we can obey The Creator in serving others AS IF we were serving Him. So no matter what work we're doing, we try to do it for God. This makes EVERYTHING we do a worship experience.


We're a family committed to working hard at what we LOVE and what we're good at, so we can take what we earn and use it to bless others.


We believe our Creator designed us to use our talents to serve our clients as if we were serving Him. We also believe that when the "work" is done, we were meant to reach out and serve the hurting among us. If you're considering being a paying customer of ours, you can know that your business will ultimately be blessing others.

The Bittenbenders


Brent (dad) is our leader. He's a little bit crazy, but that's what makes him an artist. Whether its your lawn, your website, or your worship experience, Brent will serve as if he's serving The Creator Himself.

Emily (mom) is the brains of the outfit. None of the beauty you "taste" would be possible without her behind the scenes.

Noah (son) is a hard working passionate young man. Though he helps with a little bit of everything, you'll usually find him passionately playing the bass guitar when we lead worship.

Zion (son) is our comedian and breath of fresh air. When the rest of the family is stressed and overwhelmed, Zion is just chillin'... loving life. And BOY can he play the drums.

Ryah (daughter) is just plain cute. We don't make her work yet, but she is "the joy supply" whenever we need her.

If you're a ministry leader looking for a great mission opportunity, or worship experience, you can count on a meaningful, authentic experience when working with The Revolution. The Bittenbenders have worked in all kinds of churches in youth, worship, administration, and outreach positions. We feel called and passionate about using all of those experiences to do the best job we can today of blessing those that hurt the most.