11211 Main Street, Vicksburg, MI, United States



hate-fueled revolution!




You only get one chance to make a good first impression. Let us help your church, non-profit, or small business be that great first impression.

Your lawn is the canvas. Our tools are the brushes. Every blade of grass is the paint. Revolution Lawncare wants to make ART of your lawn.


The Revolution's ultimate goal is to glorify our Creator in worship, speaking, or serving the least of these. You're invited to do that with us!

God allows us to feel hate. Why? We believe we are allowed to feel and experience emotions like hate, anger, frustration, and impatience because those emotions often fuel our REVOLUTION.

We, The Revolution hate things like homelessness, addiction, hunger, loneliness, and hopelessness. We do what we LOVE in order to battle against what we HATE! 

As of Monday night at 9:30pm, we have a hunch an early morning service WILL be helpful to our customers so we DO intend to serve you who are presently residing in your Vicksburg/Kzoo homes. We will skip homes that are vacation homes as warm weather will take care of things over the next couple days. If you would rather we do NOT come... just let us know. There are a few of you who have expressed a desire for us to only come for major snow. We will skip you too at your request.  (269) 626-4577.